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* Your privacy is very important to us. Western Coast Insurance Services wants to make sure your personal information remains safe and protected.

This is a consent for communicating by email and sending/receiving your personal information, insurance forms, and if applicable banking information by email. It is important that you understand the following conditions:

Getting your information by email message may not always be secure. Your email could be broken into and your information could be seen, shared with others, or changed without your permission. We recommend deleting information from your email to reduce the risk to you.

Depending on your email provider, information we send to you may be stored outside of Canada.

If you delete email messages from Western Coast Insurance Services, backup copies could still be on your computer or in cyberspace.

After your transaction is processed, you will be sent an email with your policy documents. ICBC requires you to respond to that email and tell us if you have accepted your policy terms. You’ll be given options to confirm your acceptance.

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"Christina was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful with navigating a complicated ICBC transfer. I certainly intend to go to Western Coast Insurance for my future insurance needs. Fabulous service!"

Michael S. - Surrey, BC
May 13, 2024