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What we offer

At Western Coast we offer unparalleled service and insurance that matters across a wide array of products. You name it, we insure it.

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We’re more than just your local insurance experts; we’re committed to building our communities for everyone. This is why for every new insurance quote between Sept. 21 and Nov. 15, we will, on your behalf, donate $5 to our Western Financial Group Communities Foundation. We’re stronger together.

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We keep it simple

Your policy will be the right protection — that matters to us.


One insurance only

We work with our partners and customers to constantly innovate our products.


Personal & commercial

We have delivered on insurance expertise, knowledge and care for over 40 years.


Make a claim

Unforeseen losses occur — unwelcome stress comes next. Yet, our in-house Western Coast team is ready to care for your needs and provide you a professional claims experience.


Discover PayVantage

We’ve provided another payment option for your insurance. PayVantage is like putting coins into a piggy bank monthly or bi-weekly until you have saved enough for you to pay your policy.

Find a branch

Our teams at our 29 branches across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland provide you the right insurance for your requirements.